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Ohh! Dear, I don't know how much i have awaited for this moment to write this. Two months of intense study and sleepless nights and my exam was scheduled on 13 feb but got my name incorrect in the pearsonvue website. I had complaint them solved the problem which take 1 week. Reschedule my exam 25 feb and today I am feeling proud to say I am CCNA Certifiedicon_cool.gif. Hit 973 marks in the exam or I can say blow things off.
I have used CCNA by Todd Lamale, CCNA official guide by Odem, CBT nuggets, and some notes gained from this site. I appreciate this website very much and people here you guys are really helpful (Thanks).

A question:- Though i have given my exam i checked my name in cisco website and is still incorrect(very dumb act i should check it first icon_sad.gif) i have e-mailed the issue to the cisco support while crossing my fingers that they will correct it before they dispatch my cert. Whats your opinion?

My Future Plan:- I have already started Network Warrior and will try to get a job and also i will start ccnp -route from tomorrow onwards.
And also Today i got my result of Engineering and i am now IT engineer too.icon_cheers.gif


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    Open up a ticket with cisco customer support. I had forum names messed up and had 3 names for the same site. I'm down to two only because im an academy alumni, but beyond that, it's pretty much squared.
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    gratz man!
    great score too!
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    All that hard work does pay off!
    I would contact Cisco immediately and tell them the situation. They'll take care of you.

    Good Luck on your future studies!
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    Great score! Congrats!!!!!
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    well done :)
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    Congratz! Nice score too!

    What you going for next?
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    Congrats. Now take some well needed rest and then move on to the next one
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    Thankyou everyone icon_smile.gif
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    Well done Aman_Sainiicon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats, a deserved win!
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    Wicked score dude! Congrats, hope you get through with the name mix up.
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    Congrats! And best of luck!
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