Which IT track is best.

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HI folks,

Actually i have a network engineer having 2 and 1/2 years of experience in cisco having CCNA certification also. Now my company offering me to move to AIX field. I am new to AIX and do not know more about that field. So i want a suggestion from you peoples, that I have to join AIX or continue in networks field.

1.) I want to know how much the oppurtunities in AIX
2.) Future of AIX as compared to Networks.
3.) perks I can get in AIX as compared to networks...

Waiting for the reply
Network Engineer


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    I doubt there is much future in AIX. It's marketshare seems to be a steady declining (along with UNIX in general).

    - If you're not into UNIX at this point, I'll stick with Networking/Cisco.
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    I haven't heard or read the term "IBM AIX" in years. I had no idea it was still around. I thought IBM went completely Linux. Hell, I suppose there's still a few IBM mainframes out there running VM, JCL, and MVS, so why not a few dusty PowerPC boxes running AIX?

    You need to find out what IBM's long-term strategy is for AIX. If it is still being released then it has a future. But if it's only in "maintenance mode" then it's on the legacy shelf (next to VMS, Ultrix, HP/UX, Novell NetWare, and the Pick OS).

    Even if you do go the AIX track, I would still suggest learning IBM's Linux solutions in parallel. That's definitely the future of IBM.
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