When to do what??

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I am starting my career change from law Enforcement to Computers. I already have a BS (computer Science), and am starting to get some certs. I want to go more towards the software side, and am working on my MSDST than am going to move on to MCSA.

I do want some networking experience and knowledge and would like to get my CCNA. I’ll probably stop there on the networking side. My question is at what point would be best to do the CCNA? Gaining experience is hard, I only have my home lab to practice (destroy) on. I finished A+ today (passed) and was going to knock out Network+ real quick, mainly because it counts towards the MCSA elective.

I have a decent home lab set up, two PCs and laptop. Laptop has XP Pro with Virtual PC running Win 2003 and Linux (that was a pain to install, BTW…). I DO NOT want to look like I jumped around on certs (paper waster) , but want a good base to start from.
Thanks for the advice!!


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    if you're looking more toward software, you might want to check out the development aspect, like some of the other MS certs.

    The network+ is pretty fast, and if you have some decent experience not too difficult. It's also a lot of help with the CCNA stuff. If you want to lean toward the administration side, the mcsa/e is a good thing.
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