Passed last week with 700... lol (lucky!!!)

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I would like to say, the exam wasn't easy!! lol and I think the real exam questions would be harder than the sample questions i found in this site.

As I read from the forumn, most ppl think the time was not a problem? few ppl also told me they finished the exam before the time finishes... I guess either becourse of my bad English, or im just too slow in general.. I RAN OUT OF TIME BADLY!!!

In my exam.. I got 58 Questions with 135Mins, and i guessed about 10 answers without reading the question, becourse I didn't have enough time. I found the questions were so long. It took me atleast 2,3 mins to fully understand the questions and each answers before I can put down my answers.

I would like to advise for those ppl who is going to take the 70-270 exam:

1. Read both the question and all the answers carefully, LOTS OF TRAPS IN THEM!!

2. TRY TO DO IT FAST! If u think any particular questions you are not good at it, try skip it with any answer (say spend 1min for it) and come back to it after you go through all the questions. (if you still have time. Also don't forget to put a mark on those questions u skiped.)

3. DO NOT choose the answer you have never seem. For example, if you are unsure with the answers in a particular question, and you don't know what to choose; do not choose those answers you have never seem, try with the one which is most common, they are usualy the answer. (thats how I guessed my answers without read the questions, and I passed)

However, I may be wrong, that's just my thinking and that's really how I feel after the exam. Sorry about my bad english, hope you can still understand it. Just tring to help.




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    Congrats! Close but close enough ;)

    Here's some advice for your next MS exam, read the actual question first (the last couple of lines of the 'story') and then the complete story, this will make sure you know what you are looking for in the long story.
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    CONGRATZ dude - a pass is a pass
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    Yes, you have tasted the long, and sometimes confusing, Microsoft exam question. But, next time you know what to expect.

    Good luck!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    You squeesed through your first M$ exam. Congrats

    For your next one follow the webmasters advise, the last few sentences will be the question and the first few lines will be background.

    example. you are in a single active domain or you have a branch office.
    -True skill comes without effort -
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    Congrats. Luck is the meeting of preperation and opportunity. icon_wink.gif
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    Its not an easy exam, Congrats!
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    thts the stuff luck was made of... good pass
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