Is there a one day/ two day course I can do? Anyone recommend?

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Has anyone reading this achieved an IT Course in a day or two with a certification?

Id prefer a short course owing to time - I have such varied interest that I am keen to hear everyone's thoughts.

I am just keen to get a certification to add to my CV in the shortest time possible owing to my other commitments. Thanks VERY much for all help


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    I myself would feel like any kind of course that is that short without any other kind of training would be a braindump. That's how I would feel about it, and there maybe legitimate courses out there but that's just my 2 cents.
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    What do you have experience with? That should help you narrow it down. Highly unlikely you are going to start from scratch on any certification and actually learn it all in two days.
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    If you have networking experience you could probably do the CCENT in a one day course. Or if you have basic PC troubleshooting experience you could day the A+. Like others said, you won't be able to learn/retain many new concepts in one day.
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    rsutton named two I could think of.

    You could maybe do a MS PowerPoint course and pass that with 1-2 days of training. That's pretty easy.
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    I was thinking about Security - InfoSec - does anyone know - approximately - the time duration for these Security Certifications?

    Certified Information Systems Security Pro - CISSP
    Check Point Certified Security Administrator - CCSA
    or Check Point Certified Security Expert - CCSE.

    I guess the answer is it depends - but could someone with enough knowledge - study the syllabus of the above courses in a week?
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    You should read the requirements and objectives of those exams, they are not entry level, and the first one you list requires 5 years of verifiable experience. If you have experience in the security field you could try for the security+, but I feel like you are jumping the gun here.
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