Passed Core today!

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One down, one to go. The test was a lot easier than I anticipated. I have no prior "professional" experience, only building my own and fixing friends/relatives pc's.

Here's the tools I used to pass:

Meyers AIO
Exam Cram 2 (2 books, one was a questions/answers book)
Technotes and reading the forums here

Ten questions in I knew I would pass. I didn't see one question that I couldn't at least narrow down to 2 answers. I was afraid going in that I would get tricky or unclear questions. If you know your stuff you will do just fine. I HIGHLY suggest getting the AIO as it is inexpensive (especially compared to some of my college books!) and the practice test cd is setup just like the real test, which is comforting when you go into the test area and it seems like you've taken it 10 times already.

Honestly, I didn't get much additional information out of the Exam Cram 2 book that wasn't in the AIO, but the 2 test cd's and last minute cram sheet you get with the bundle makes it worth the $30 or so I spent on it. I reviewed the Technotes again this morning, took some more practice tests, and then reviewed the cram sheet in the car before I went in. Now that I have the roadmap for the OS part and have a test under my belt, I won't feel as nervous going in (although with $100 on the line I'm sure there will be some nervousness :D ). I hope this helps anyone who has yet to take their first test.
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    Congratulations. icon_cool.gif
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    Congrats. Thanks for the review you gave us on the materials you used.
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    I may just buy the exam Cram.

    I have already read
    A+ for dummies(Don't ask, waste of money, bought like 3 years ago)
    Thomson A+
    The tech notes at this site and many other sites.

    But I totally agree with your study habits, you can never be to prepared.

    What where the two specifc exam cram books you used?
    Working for Network+, Server+, CCNA, Security+, CCNP, CCIE. MCSE.

    Bachelors Degree in computer information Systems.

    Wanna help?
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    The one I bought is: "The Ultimate A+ Certification Exam Cram 2 Study Kit". I paid $30.95 for it, but I see that it is available for $26.55 at Amazon. You can buy just the book which comes with the Preplogic cd and the cram sheet for $5 less, but I would suggest buying the kit and get the extra cd of questions from MeasureUp.

    I'll probably go the same route with the Network+ books too considering what you get for the price.
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    Very good! :)

    And all the best in your OS!
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    I also brought the AIO book and although it includes all the information you'd need it seems to go into a little too much detail than is actually needed.

    I'm also currently studying for my A+ Core and OS (through work) as well as an MSCE 2003 Server qualification (which I paid out of my own pocket). Probably bitten off a little too much to chew as am trying to juggle a little too much atm. It's so much to study but I'll have a full weeks training course to get the A+ nailed down and atm I'm studying for my 70-290 and 70-270 exams, hoping to have them all passed by March.
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    Welcome Slackmaster.

    Ambitious undertaking! Keep us posted :)
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    CONGRATZ dude - keep it up......
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    Hey Go Bucks,

    Which Meyers AIO are you talking about?

    Can anyone tell me whats the best edition for Mike Meyers books? Is 5th the latest the best version? I've seen some sites recommending 3rd or 4th edition. I've read David Goths Compete Guild to A+ and it wasn't that helpful. I've found many practice questions the book doesn't even mention from vaious sources.

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    Yes, 5th edition is the edition you want.
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