Filechecker & SFC?

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I just passed my A+ OS this morning and want to know if anyone can tell me the meaning and details of <SFC> or is there such a program called <Filechecker>?

Also, after passing the A+ HW exam and cramming my brain with the OS portion I was disappointed not to get a single question asking about networking (Physical/Hardware).

Lastly, id like to say Thank you for all the questions and experiences I've read in these forums because they all made a very large difference with how I approached the OS portion.

I'm sure this will help all techs around the world.


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    SFC is System File Checker.. will scan for damaged/altered system files allow you to replace them from your Windows install disk.

    Congrats!! On a side note, I went crazy memorizing IRQ and I/O addresses and saw not a single q on my exam. Conversely I was surprised to be asked about the use of function keys at the cmd prompt on the OS exam.
    I'm not a complete idiot... some parts are missing.
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    Thanks for the info. and I can say I'll never forget SFC system file checker. On the test the I eliminated two answers and was left with Filechecker and SFC. Since I had never heard of filechecker I choose SFC thinking it had to mean something important since it was not spelled out.
    I'm sure this will help all techs around the world.
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