passed core hardware today!

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Hi. Ive been using this site and some of the links and guides you've got to study for some time now. I just took core hardware earlier today and am relieved, as it was my first certification test ever!

I got a 573. Kinda cut it close, but im glad i passed. wanted to say thanks for the great resources here!

I thought it was really a mixed bag. Some questions I knew right away, others i had to think about, and a few i had to give a good guess.

Im gonna be taking the OS test in a few weeks or so after ive studied. I was wondering, what would you say is the easier test? My dad said the OS one was a bit easier for him.



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    First, congrats on the pass. Secondly, welcome to the forums.

    Generally, most examinees believe that the OS is more difficult than the Core exam. But, that, no doubt, would depend in which area most of your hands-on experience lies. I thought that the OS was much more difficult, but I had a lot more hands-on experience with hardware.

    Good luck on the OS!
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    CONGRATZ dude.......what's next
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    Congratulations :)
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    Congrats.. Whats next? For myself the OS was harder but janmike said it depends on your experience.
  • JoeNvidioJoeNvidio Member Posts: 35 ■■□□□□□□□□
    next up is the OS test in a few weeks. after ive studied up plenty. Ide say ive got more expierience in OS, though i cant be sure.

    Ive never had a job in IT, but its been a hobby of mine for a long time.

    After i get my A+, i want to try to find a job at a small computer shop or something on those lines. And I also plan on getting the Network+ cert as my next cert.

    Will i have any luck with just A+ cert? ive got no college. as far as part time goes, im sure its possible to get something small at least, right?

    thanks all.
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    Good job JoeNvidio! :)

    As far as job goes, with just A+, it is still possible to get a part-time job at a small computer shop while you continue with your studies icon_study.gif or some job of fixing computers at some mom and pop shop. Plus you say you have some experience, that should increase your chances a bit more.

    Even if you can't get a job right away, there is always the option of doing
    volunteer work with computers while you are looking for a job. A lot of people are in a similar position. Just don't give up!

    Good luck in your OS exam when it comes!
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