A+ hardware in 10 mins

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:D i passed the hardware exam today with a score of 853. :D

i've been studying with testout, a+ bible and as many free practice exams i could get my hands on.

i really recommend doing as many practice exams as possible. don't just do them once each but keep on going over them till you score at least 95% and get fast enough just to spend a few seconds on each question.
through practicing this way i was able to go through the exam in 10 mins and still get a high score.



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    That is pretty quick. I think it took me 20 minutes and that was when it was adaptive. Congrats.
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    When are you going for the OS exam?

    If you study hard enough, you should get it done in 5 mins! .. icon_lol.gif jk!
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    thats damn fast. Right now im using the online practice exams and ive been doing pretty good on those. I also have two programs installed on my pc and a ExamCram2 A+ practice questions book.
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    I agree with you guys. Taking all the tests you can find over and over again until you get nearly 100% helps a bunch. I saw a lot of questions that were very close to or near identical to those on the actual test. I'm thinking of one in particular that I missed on the last practice test I took, but ended up getting right on the real test later that same day.
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    Thats an average of 7.5 Seconds per question.

    Thats crazy,icon_eek.gif

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    Excellent score pomski! icon_thumright.gif
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    1Ste wrote:
    Thats an average of 7.5 Seconds per question.

    Thats crazy,icon_eek.gif


    Not really, I scored a 780 this morning... icon_thumright.gif and it only took me 15 minutes. If you really drill yourself with any practice test you can lay your grubby little hands on, and really go over them (you will find questions that are almost word-for-word on the actual exam), then any time between 10-30 min is almost reasonable.

    btw... icon_cheers.gif to pomski
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