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Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and need some help from you guys. I am currently working at a company doing help desk for a managed IT company and I have been there for about a year now. I have an AS in IT and I am currently making 12 an hour with health benefits, dental benefits, and paid phone. I have been accepted to a new company and I am looking to make more money at this point. They asked me what I am looking for in a salary. I live in FL and according to my research help desk technician in my city make around 30,000 to 35,000 a year. Does 33,000 seem fair? The company seems to be growing and seems to have money flowing in. Any input from you guys would be very helpful, thank you. :)


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    similar situation, how I deal with this game is give them my minimum salary requirement(more/equal than you made before), from there the ball is in their court and they will tell you what they are willing to give you. accept/reject

    what it really come down to.. do you like the company, is there room to grow, perks etc.
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    I went ahead and gave them the 33,000.. I feel like I am worth it at. At the company I am at right now they have me doing so many different things and traveling a lot over the stateand for 12 dollars an hour.. I started off at 8 there and the only reason I did was to get my foot in the door with IT. And I know someone there is making about 10 grand more then me a year with the same experience and I think it's time I leave and lookout for myself. The company I am going to seems to have room to growth and be able to move up to a network admin position eventually.
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    That seems more than fair to me, I'd hold your ground if they try to get you to go lower.

    I probably would have recommended asking for ~40k but I'm sure you have a better feel of what they're willing to pay.
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    They accepted the 33,000. Maybe I could've asked for more, but at the same time I have gone from 8 dollars to 16 dollars an hour within 10 months. Not to bad if you asked me. I had an interview today for assistant network administrator and it went real well, too. But the other company sent me the offer agreement to sign. The assistant network administrator seems to be better and is in the medical IT, so I guess I could see what they offer me. Seems I have been having good luck lately...!
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