Server for virtualization?

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Hi all,

I'm wondering what kind of setup you guys have for virtualization (i.e home labs, not enterprise). I would like to setup a home server including SVR 2k8 R2, multiple servers serving roles(DNS, DHCP, WSUS, ect), domain clients (Windows 7, maybe vista). Eventually I will redesign so I can try Hyper-V, then a later redesign will throw in some security and... insecurity...

I was looking at building a server built around the AMD Opteron 6272 - AMD Opteron 6272 Interlagos 2.1GHz 16MB L3 Cache Socket G34 115W 16-Core Server Processor OS6272WKTGGGUWOF. I mean 16 cores would be epic for VMWare, and I can only imagine using those cores for PW cracking... Anyway, I neglected to look at the massive expense, and other considerations.

So, what are you using for your virtualization lab? What all is in it? Did you have any major learning curves? If you are using server hardware, what are you using, if you are using a high performance PC, that works too, id like to know what you are using.


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    Well I only use VirtualBox for virtualisation (so I can't speak for Hyper-V or VMWare), but I would pay more attention to ensuring I had plenty of memory (and treat yourself to an SSD drive) if it is a home lab.
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    There was just another thread like this in the virtualization forums, IIRC.

    I don't use Hyper-V, so can't comment on that front. For my home setup I wanted something small that could handle a decent number of VMs. I ended up with a shuttle XPC, i7 2600 (non-k), 16GB ram, 1 sata 500GB and 2 SSDs for VMs. So far I've had 6 or so VMs on ESXi, a few on Openstack, and 6+ on libvirt/KVM. I haven't really pushed the machine at all and haven't had an issue other than getting ESXi installed (it was a pain).
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    I use VMWare Workstation running on Intel i7 930, 16 GB of RAM, 1 TB of SATA (WD Caviar Black), and 1GB of ASUS GPU. It works great.
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    I'm looking up the shuttle PC now. I would be interested in hearing more setups running ESX/i I want to use it because I know my company, and most others use it rather than workstation. Now if I remember correctly, I tried to install it on a i5 2600k 8gb ram w/ ssd and it failed (though I could be mistaken, i have a few computers)
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    I'm running a recent i5 QC processor, 16GB DDR3, and a SATA III drive on a self-built Win7 x64 computer. Using VMware Workstation. Works fine.
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    The i5 2600k is a non VT-d chip. So, it doesn't support CPU virtualization extensions and thus doesn't support ESXi. ESXi requires either VT-d or AMD-Vi.
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    Power Edge T110 for me. Works fine with ESXi 5.0. It has the Quad Xeon, 12GB ram and a few hard drives. Have less than $600 into it. I run my domain at home from it, as well as have VM's setup for testing.
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    Yeah, i hve workstation, though ive heard of running ESX within workstation...

    Thanks for the heads up on the Proc. BTW, I like that Power Edge T110. i'll have to keep an efe out for it or something like it.
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    Any thoughts about using the new i7 Ultrabooks for running VM/Hyper V? I have a Phenom 2 as of now which runs 4-5 VM's (thats about it) but doesn't support Hyper V so planning to replace it by end of the year. Will really help reduce the clutter but afraid to let go of my Desktop, have a office laptop but never completely at home on it somehow icon_redface.gif
    As of now still confused about Bulldozer 8 Core and i7 for my next build. Primary objective will be labbing for more advanced certifications and some downloading/firesharing etc
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    If they are anything last past ultrabooks, no friggen way. When planning a server like system, i prefer a desktop. Much more easily upgraded. As for the 8 cores, i think the speed is a limiting issue. Even with 8 cores, if they are running relativly slow, you can have issues.
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    I have an HP DL385 2U server that I bought a few years ago. If I had it to do all over again, I'd go with something a little quieter for the home environment. I moved mine to a rack at work though. :)
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    Here's my home lab. I've since bumped my servers to 16GB of RAM each. If I were building today I would obviously go with newer processors but these are super quiet and I can't hear them at all when they're on.
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    What i dont like is the vmware requirements (and compatibility guide) make it seem as if u need an opteron CPU if you go AMD. will Any 64bit AMD proc work?
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