New LPI Objectives

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I received an email this morning regarding new LPI objectives:

Professional Certifications | Linux Professional Institute (LPI)


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    me 2 got this same email, looks like they are not going into effect untill later this month
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    It doesn't look like the site has been updated
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    there will be changes in LPIC-1 (note: only exam 101), ext4 and Ipv4 sections will be added.
    and these changes are to happen at july-august
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    Do you know when exactly these changes are being introduced?

    I am looking at sitting for exam 101 in the next month, and have looked over the updated exam objectives at the CompTIA site but am having some issues with seeing the updated changes in italics. From what I can see, the following are being added/removed:

    - Knowledge of basic features of System and Upstart for 101.3
    - Knowledge of basic features of LVM for 102.1
    - Perform basic configuration changes for GRUB2 for 102.2
    - Use various mkfs commands to set up partitions and create various filesystems such as ext4 for 104.1
    - no more mention of LILO in 102.2

    Am I missing any others? I am thinking about trying to cram in the study to sit the exam before these changes are introduced as I keep getting sidetracked with work when I am in the middle of studying for exam 101 icon_sad.gif
    I can't see anything in 101 re IPv4 - would they be taking out 109 from exam 102 and putting it in exam 101?


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