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Hey I have a question plz somebody help me to solve it


that three I/O devices are connected to a16-bit, 100 MIPS CPU. The first device is a hard drive with a maximum transferrate of 2MB/sec. It has a half word (16-bit) bus. The second device is a floppydrive with a transfer rate of 10KB/sec over 8-bit bus, and the third device isa keyboard that must be polled 25 times per second. Assuming that the pollingoperation requires 40 instructions for each I/O device, determine the percentageof CPU time required to poll each device and also state what you infer aftercalculating these percentages

How would we do it plz elaberate a bit

thanks in advance


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    Why don't you read your book and at least attempt to do your own homework?
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    While it could have been a wee but more polite george has a point. At least try to show that you have attempted working something like this out and ask for verification etc. That would get a much better response.

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