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Say you have a few trunked switches humming along, one is a vtp server, the other clients, and life is nice.

Now say you introduce a new switch into the network that has a higher config revision number, but is using a different vtp domain name. Does it still override the vtp info on the other switches? I'm inclined to say no, but I also think maybe if the new switch is in server mode that it might propogate its own domain name, but would not if it's in client mode.

Unsure. Help?


  • sizeonsizeon Posts: 321Member
    Nope. If the domains don't match no VTP updates are exchanged.

    P.S. it doesnt matter if its in server mode. All that matters is the domain. Now if the switch has no domain then yes it will **** up your VTP database.
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    The only caveat would be if the existing switches had no domain name. In that case I think the new switches higher revision AND a domain name would take over.
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