COMTIA re-certification system

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Hi guys.

I would like to know how recertification works for these kind of certs. For instance with CCNA, if u do a more advanced cert with cisco, your certification gets renewed.

If you do A+ -> net+ -> sec+ in a consecutive manner and pass, will the last pass on the net+ exam re-certify you for the A+ and net+?

If it does, after 3 years you can do sec+ again to re-certify all 3 certs?\

Thanks in advance


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    In the CE program, a Security+ pass will renew A+ and Network+, yes. Not sure if Security+ will simply renew current certs, or will actually renew an expired certification...
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    I'd also like to know how that works if they are expired, however, when i passed the network + it renewed my a+ for 3 years from the date I passed my net + and than my net + and a+ both renewed from the date I passed my security +. Originally my A+ was set to expire in 2014 but that got renewed to all 3 (sec +, net + and a+) expiring in 2015. To throw a wrench in this matter when I passed the server + last week my A+ and Net + were renewed for an additional 3 years so now i have A+ and Net + expiring in 2018 and my Sec + expiring still in 2015. Hope that isn't to confusing lol.
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    Why bother? By the time they expire, you should have more advanced certs which supersede them.
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    According to CompTIA, if you renew the Security+ certification, it automatically renews the A+ and Network+ certs as well.
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    Individuals who hold multiple CompTIA certifications only need to pay the annual fees and earn CEUs for their highest level certification.

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    dave330i wrote: »
    Why bother? By the time they expire, you should have more advanced certs which supersede them.
    my thoughts exactly
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