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Hey all,

I've got my CCENT and studying for my CCNA, is there any point in doing the Network+ exam? I would think the CCENT is equally the same 'level' of certification, just with the Cisco IOS stuff and then the CCNA is better, so if I'm working on my CCNA there is no point.


Thank you :)
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    I don't see the point of going for Network +. Good luck on your journey towards the CCNA.

    Focus and study really hard for the CCNA and start looking for a job. That would be my best advice for you.
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    If you plan on getting the CCNA soon then that will override the Net+ cert and there would be no point in getting it. If there's going to be a large gap in time between getting your CCENT and CCNA then the Net+ might be beneficial just because it has better name recognition with HR than the CCENT.

    Also if you're in desperate need of things to put on your resume, the Net+ is something you can take right away since you've already have the knowledge to sit for the exam.
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    Hopefully it won't be more then a month or two for my CCNA. My resume is well, nothing. Just come out of college (England college, which I think is like high school in America? 17-19 years old generally.)

    So I have my education grades and my CCENT as well as a few months experience last year as internal IT support (though to be fair I spent most of my time setting up new laptops etc). So for the sake of having something else to put on it might be worthwhile.
    Combination of GNS3 and Cisco equipment if required.
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    You will be sorely disappointed if you take the Net+ exam after passing the CCENT. CompTIA tests are hardly hands on, and the CCENT is what the Net+ should have been. Besides, now you have to renew CompTIA exams and whats the point in doing that with an entry level cert that really isn't all that good anyway? Not trying to totally bad mouth CompTIA I have a few of their certs and will probably get a few more, but I read a $30 book and passed the Net+ test which is not really equivalent to the 2 months I spent on the CCENT.
    My advice to anyone looking to advance their career would be to learn DevOps tools and methodologies. Learn how to write code in languages like Python and JavaScript. Not to be a programmer, but a network automation specialist who can do the job of 10 engineers in 1/3 of the time. Create a GitHub account, download PyCharm, play with Ansible, Chef, or Puppet. Automation isn't the future, it's here today and the landscape is changing dramatically.
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    Thanks for the input :) Think I'll pass for now and get my CCNA! Probably do A+ after or something, can't see it being hard.
    Combination of GNS3 and Cisco equipment if required.
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