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This is once and a lifetime that I am going to do this, since NO IT Voucher Provider is willing to help me sell my Voucher, so I am giving this FREE IT Voucher Code

EXAM: IT Strata Fundamentals (CompTIA FC0-U41)

Voucher UP006P7RP7 (Expires July 31 2012)

Since CompTIA Has changed the rules regarding where to write your COmpTIA Exam which is NOW PearsonVUE.

best of luck



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    Odd, I've never even heard of this exam? I was going to snag it, but from the description, it sounds even more entry level than A+ or Net+. Is that accurate? Assuming that is the case, I don't really see it being much help to me.
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    Entry-Entry-Entry level exam...
    Currently working on: Linux and Python
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    Yes its even below A+,
  • the_hutchthe_hutch Banned Posts: 827
    Okay, I stole the voucher code for my roommate who wants to get started in IT. She was going to take A+ (but she's probably not ready for it yet). So I figured this would be a good start.
  • the_hutchthe_hutch Banned Posts: 827
    Thanks a lot by the way. I really appreciate it. icon_thumright.gif
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    Thank you so much Dan!!! I never even heard of this exam, but it will be good practice for my A+ exam next week =)
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    Your most welcome, I"ll NEVER order an extra Voucher again, trying to beat time and money because of CompTIA has changed to a single testing provider such the Pearson VUE, which to me isn't right because now I have to travel outside my hometown which is approx. 3-6 hrs (Drive Time)depending which testing provider I choose to go to.

    IN regards to this post, Yes the IT Strata exam is an entry-level, but without proper testing preparation its going to be tough because it cover extra info outside the A+ material such Green Technology, IT Cloud, Virtualization and more.

    Books and/or Material I used for this exam:

    ** CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals All-in-One Exam Guide (Exam FC0-U41) [Hardcover]
    Scott Jernigan (Author), Michael Meyers (Author) very good explaining the basics of computing or complex subject but doesn't go in-dept is to the why's?

    ***CompTIA Strata Study Guide [Paperback]
    Andrew Smith (Author), Faithe Wempen (Author ISBN-13: 978-0470977422
    It comes with a CD and some Practice tests.

    Is the one I highly recommend in getting and the CBT Nuggets, after watching the videos by CBT Nuggets and reading this book (by Andrew Smith and Faithe Wempen) you should be fully prepared in writing this IT Strata Fundamentals exam. I don't think you really need the Scott Jernigan and Mike Meyers book unless your totally new to the IT Field. Finding other extra info regarding was a bit difficult, but you don't really need any other extra materials for this exam. The CBT Nuggets, CompTIA Strata Study Guide, a few Practice tests (Ucertify) should be sufficient.

    Don't forget to download a copy of the IT Strata Exam Objectives from CompTIA Website and/or the Internet. mapping your studies to the objectives is a great habit to get into, that's how I pass most of my cert.

    Remember Today (July 31, 2012) is the last day to write this exam, I hope that if you did took the Voucher Code had registered the exam on Pearson VUE website.

    Let me know either way if it was beneficial and informative regarding this exam.

    Good Luck,

  • WONTONnPHOWONTONnPHO Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    I am registered to take it later this afternoon and have just looked at a few practice tests online last night. I have been studying for the A+ a little bit , and the practice questions for the Strata didn't seem to bad after some studying last night.
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    Getcertified4less has some great deals on Vouchers: IT Strata, Network+, CCNET etc.. its early expiry voucher must be taken by the indicated date.

    HOT DEALS Discounted Exam Vouchers from GetCertified4Less

    Best luck

  • WONTONnPHOWONTONnPHO Member Posts: 6 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks again Dan for the code and the link to the GetCertfiied site! I unfortunately failed the Strata IT test yesterday by 6 questions, I had 43 where I needed 49 to pass. Oh well, I know I gotta my butt off for the A+ now!
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