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Hi All, I am schedule to take the 70-271 exam in a week, problem is I used the book by MS Press, did the questions in the book ..and did quite well and was feeling quite confident..that was until I started tackling the transcenders I am only averaging between 60 - 70. I want to know how do the transcenders compare to the real thing in terms of difficulty. Your feedback is appreciated


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    Transcender is usually a pretty good guide for readiness. I did not use it for my MCDST, but I have for other exams. The exam itself won't be easy, but it's not that hard I thought. It helps to have experience with XP, so you can see the practical use of what you learn. If you don't feel 100% comfortable, then you should rescehdule the exam. That won't cost you anything, but failing costs you double because you have to take it again.....
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    I'm thinking about testing this Friday or maybe Sunday. I bought the MS Press 70-271 book and Transcender for 70-271 and 70-272. My company reimbursed me for everything and they pay for my passed exams.

    Anyway I've finally went through all the transcender question and feel really comfortable with them. If the exam is anything like the transcenders then I think Ill do well. I've used transcenders before and sometimes they mimc the exam very close. I'll post my results as soon as I find out this weekend. I only skimmed through the book but I have 2 to 4 days to read up some more.

    I would think that this exam would be easier than the 70-270 exam since 70-270 is used toward a MCSE certification. If you take the 271 and 272 and get your MCDST it even counts as an elective toward a MCSE. Another PLUS!

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