Cisco ASA 5505 License Question

kmcintosh78kmcintosh78 Senior MemberMember Posts: 195
I have a Cisco ASA 5505 with a Base License, and I need to upgrade to either the 50 user or the Unlimited user.
I have found a couple of License Keys for Sale on Ebay, but the description is throwing me off.
They both state the License is an Upgrade to go from the 50 user to the Unlimited.
I thought there were 4 versions of the license keys?
First being the base 10 users, second being the 50 users, third being the unlimited and fourth being the full blown version.

Will the license key "L-ASA5505-50-UL" work to upgrade the base 10 user version to the unlimited?

What I am working on
CCNP Route (Currently) 80% done
CCNP Switch (Next Year)
CCNP TShoot (Next Year)


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