Do most people take the just 640-801 to obtain CCNA?

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I understand you can take either the 640-801 or the 640-811 and 640-821 to get CCNA certified. If you take the two tests are they each easier? Do most people just take the one test and be done with it?


  • Well, first off, the INTRO and the ICND have slightly fewer questions than the single CCNA exam. The INTRO has a slightly lower pass score than the ICND as well. (These can all be found on Cisco's site btw.) Basically, the INTRO has less sims and configuration questions on it, and the ICND has more than the CCNA exam. So personally for me, I believe that the single CCNA exam is easier because it has more questions on it. The reason why I believe that a test with more questions on it is easier is because of the way each question is weighed. You can view it as more chances to get points. I hope that this was somewhat useful for you. As far as books for taking the separate tests, definately go with Odom's CCNA INTRO and CCNA ICND study guides from Ciscopress. They even have a layout in them for what order to read the chapters if you are using both books to study for the single CCNA exam. Best of luck to you!
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    Yes that helps, thanks. At this point I am not sure if I will even peruse this cert, right now I am focused on net+. I have tried a practice test on it and most questions are ok, like beefed up net+ questions, but most are just totally unfamiliar, like router commands and such. Plus the passing score is so high. I am sure it would be worth getting and I would learn a lot in the processes of studying for it but it may be something I will look into after I have a few years of real experience under my belt. Also it is only valid for 3 years correct?
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    Yup, valid for three years. Don't be fooled into thinking it's easier depends on how well you know the information. If you fail, Cisco changes the exam material the next time you take it. It's best to pass the first time. I can't imagine the intro and icnd being very difficult.

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  • Definately go for your Net+ first. Make sure you are very very comfy with the material and then try out Cisco. You should pick up the Cisco Self Study boks for CCNA (different than the exam study guide) These books teach you about the different things on the exam. Then they also have a practical studies book for getting hands on experience with the technologies. See, Cisco is VERY different from Net+. To pass Net+, you can basically have no hands on exp. whatsoever. The same does not hold true for Cisco however. Having no hands on experience with cisco routers and switches makes the exam twice as hard at the very least. What I did in terms of CCNA studying is bought 2 routers off of ebay. They are 2507 series routers and only cost me about $60 together. It is a great way to be able to practice IOS commands.
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