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Dear Friends,

My exam scheduled for next week

i read shon harris 5th edition and cccure.org scoring 80 %

Any advice would be appreciated.



  • the_hutchthe_hutch Banned Posts: 827
    Keep studying... and good luck
  • emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    If you're looking for good last minute stuff I suggest that you briefly review the CISSP gold guide notes that are available on cccure.com. The document is old (2004 iirc) but the info is golden because it's condensed so well.
  • feb4cisspfeb4cissp Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□
    can you please share the link for cissp gold guide notes
  • emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    Here is the link : cissp CISSP training Certified Information Systems Security Professional - Access Denied but i'm not sure that it will work since you have to login first.
    Just login to cccure.org then go to Certifications > ISC2 Certifications > CISSP > CISSP Study Guides > Cram Study Guide by Justin Gibson > then the document CRAM Study Guide on the 10 domains of the CBK.
  • feb4cisspfeb4cissp Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□
    how about micheal overlay?
  • JDMurrayJDMurray MSIT InfoSec CISSP SSCP GSEC EnCE C|EH Cloud+ CySA+ CASP+ PenTest+ Security+ Surf City, USAAdmin Posts: 12,323 Admin
    The CISSP aide memoire is quite nice, but it's from 2006, so it won't have the newer CISSP CBK stuff.
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