Security+? Check!

HectorPHectorP Member Posts: 41 ■■□□□□□□□□
I just got back from taking Security+. I easily passed. I used Darril Gibson's book and I also partly used Exam Cram Study Questions. As usual, DG delivered. Not having a lot of direct IT experience, I like how all the subjects are broken down and thoroughly explained. There were a few questions on the exam that I wasn't sure about but because I felt comfortable with the topic, I was able to extract (what I'm guessing is) the right answer. Some books are for people with more experience which is fine. I just don't like when they jump straight into heavy acronyms without explanation. If I want fancy words and acronyms I'll watch Big Bang Theory. icon_lol.gif

The Exam Cram Study Questions was very detailed and definitely helped. I like having a second reference material to compare. I didn't go through all the questions because many of them seemed needlessly repetitive.

I'm confident I could have passed with only Gibson's book but don't want to take chance with expensive tests. I didn't take any practice tests on CompTIA or other website. Bottom line: Have a solid grasp of the concepts using Gibson's book and you'll have no problem. Best of luck to those taking the exam next.


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