Taking Security + Exam.

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Hello everybody. First, I'll say thank you to the site admins and all the contributors. This site has helped me tremendously in the past. As my title states, I'll be sitting for the security + exam by the end of the month (september). I've been studying for about 3 weeks and so far been using Exam Cram 2nd Edition. I was happy to see the 'well known ports' quiz on here. I've attempted 2 already and I got above 80% on both attempts. I haven't attempted the pratice exam yet - I guess I'll wait till am confident enough to start taking practice exams. The "feeling deflated" state of mind will not be good for me if i don't get a passing score. Trust me, I learnt the hard way with my first cert exam (A+). So, for those that have passed the actual security + exam, congratulations. For those that haven't, you'll do better next time around. Whatever your situation is, please be so kind to share your experience. All suggestions, advise and anything related to the exam itself will be greatly appreciated.


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