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This is my first post on these boards after a lot of browsing and studying through the site, very very happy I found techexams as it is such a valuable resource. My question is regarding the CompTia CE program and renewal of certifications, from what I can see if I have A+,Net+ and Sec + all I would need to do to renew all three is pass the Security+ exam before the three year expiry of the first certification earned? Or if I had A+ ,Net+,Storage+,Sec+ and CASP I would just need to pass the CASP before the first certification earned expires to have all of them renewed, is this correct?


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    Greetings m8 and welcome aboard.
    All the info needed can be found here CompTIA Continuing Education Program
    Read also on this page the qualifying activities and FAQs PDFs that will effectively answer all scenarios that you may have in your mind regarding the re-certification process.
    To me it seems you have a good grasp of how things should work, but to be sure DO read their site's pages and ask for more from their customer support, in order not to make assumptions and mistakes.
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