First Post and...Passed.

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Hi guys,

Long time lurker, first time poster.

I came away with an 872! I was VERY surprised with the score. I seriously thought that I was going to fail the exam about 3/4 of the way through. There were a good number of questions where I had to ask myself, "What exactly are they looking for?" In other cases, I was down to 50/50 where either answer choice could have been the correct one.

Here is how I studied:

- Another shout out to DG for his book. Like American Express, don't leave home without it. Without it, I would have failed. Know the points at the end of each chapter cold. Save the post-assessment for last. The questions were very similar to his practice questions...only worded with a lot more ambiguity to trick you into choosing the wrong answer. If you score north of 90% and understand the reasoning behind the correct answers and wrong answer choices, you're ready.

- Professor Messer's training videos.

- The study guides here on TE and the practice exams.

- The Proprofs practice exams although their tests have badly worded answer choices and in some instances fail to tell you to choose more than one answer. Don't spend too much time on their study guides or cram sheets.

- The CompTIA practice exam, which is quite a bit harder than the actual exam. If you score north of 85%, you're pretty much ready.

And now for the tips:

- Know your PKI inside and out. Know the cryptography material cold. Also expect a lot of tricky situation questions. Work each answer choice and think about whether it makes sense. Eliminate the obvious.

Hope this helps.

I've now completed the CompTIA holy trinity (A+, Network+, Security+). Not sure what to do next but after plucking down some serious cash to get these three certs, I'm going to rest in that department for a bit. I'm actually a bit more interested on the security side of things, so we'll see. ;)


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