Passed Security+ first try

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First post here in Tech Exams, I just passed my Security + Saturday with a 854/900.

Prepared for the exam by reading the Darril Gibson book and watching the Professor Messer videos. Those two resources together are fantastic and should have you about ready to pass the exam. Also reading the security+ forums on here helped me prepare, since I like everyone else felt I was failing the exam half way through.

Not sure what certification I want to pursue next. I'm 22 and just starting working after graduation so my lack of experience will eliminate a few certs, such as CISSP. Someone at work mentioned I should look into the ITIL cert. Does anyone have any opinions or advice?



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    Congratulations on the pass.

    I have mine scheduled for October 30th.

    Best of luck on your future endeavors,
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    Congrats on the score.

    I just started getting certs this year after 3 years in the professional industry and knocked out the CompTIA triumvirate of A+/N+/S+ to supplement the experience. At this point there are numerous paths to go down and it really depends on what interests you. I'm trying to answer the question myself but eventually I see myself heading down the security path.

    One thing I will say and I'm sure that others will agree: Experience counts. Work on your experience and the rest will fall into place.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass and glad to hear the book helped. Great first post.

    If your work supervisors think ITIL will valuable, that might be worth pursuing, but that's not necessarily true if a work associate mentioned it. With that in mind, you might like to ask your work supervisors what they would value. Sometimes employers pay for some certs and even give bonuses when you earn specific certs. Other times they don't pay anything at all but still value it when you're improving yourself in line with what they value. You might like to pursue the Network+ cert to see if networking intrigues you. If security interests you, you might like to check out SSCP or CASP.
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    Congrats! Nice work! What's next for you?

    Good Question, I may take the Network+ since it wouldn't take much more effort after studying for the Security+. I work on a systems development team, so the ITIL cert may be pretty relevant for me.
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