Route is Mine!!!!

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Just passed Route with an 860. It was a beast and the time on the clock had gotten pretty thin. I was praying toward the end for no more sims and my prayers were answered. I am going to schedule the Tshoot in a week or two, just have to brush up on some of the switch topics and run a few labs. I used the OCG, Cisco Press CCNP Route Lab Manual,GNS3 and CBT Nuggets. It took 99 days from the day I cracked the book till I passed the exam.


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    Congrats! Good luck on the TSHOOT!
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    Congrats on Route!!
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    Congrats, Deathgomper! Well done! Good luck on TSHOOT icon_thumright.gif
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    Dude! Congrats! That's hilarious, your story is almost exactly the way mine played out except that i DID get another sim... I ended up having to skip it altogether. Anyways, nicely done!
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    Congrats on the pass =) seems like you are well on your way for your CCNP =D keep it up!
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    Well done and congrats on the pass! I am using the same materials for prep and a little more, so glad to hear it worked well for you. I also plan on using about the same time frame to get Route under my belt as well. Congrats again!
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