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Man Im getting into this little piece of technology. Didnt know it existed. Its a little step above the usual wireless connection. Instead of a router giving you the wireless, you have a freaking Tower giving you the signal. So you have service no matter where you go instead of losing signal of one wireless network and needing another wireless network if you move! You have to though take the modem with you if you are moving with your laptop, that is the device that will communicate with the Tower (like a router) to give you access to their network.

I havent gotten deep with this stuff and just recently found it. Dont know if anybody else knows so I decided to get the word out.

Here is the main link

a model of how to use it in your house, in setting up your own Wireless LAN.
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    Sounds cool, but I think the idea is too new. I can't even check for availibility in my area, the little finder doesn't work. Plus, I would think the expense would so heavy, especially at first. Maybe someday, but the modem would have to get smaller, a lot smaller, like a PC card.....
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    Sounds pretty neat to me.
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    This looks like the WiMax 802.16 technology that is fairly new. I agree that this is interesting technology. I am anxcious to try it out when/if we get in this area. There are some nearby towns that have the ability to get it but do not know of anyone personally that has.

    I would like to hear from someone that has it or had it to get a review on it.
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    Sounds interesting to me.
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