Trying to find a job when you have Tattoos

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Hello Everyone,

I was wondering what your opinions are on trying to get into a IT related job if you have visible tattoos. I know most companies look down on them but if your qualified enough and have a good attitude and show entheusiasm would it still be that difficult? I have a couple visible ones and I just was curious on what your guys advice and or opinions on this topic are.




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    It'll depend mostly on the company. I have some but they're pretty easily hidden, a guy next to me has full sleeves on both arms. One of my favorite infosec speakers looks like Mike Ness from Social Distortion. It'll really just come down to how relaxed the company is but nowadays I just don't see it being as big an issue as it used to be. Qualified candidates are hard to find and no reason to discriminate against someone for having tattoo's...
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    If your good at what you do the tattoos should not matter too much. You're not customer facing usually. With that being said, if your hiring manager does not like tattoos, you will have a hard time. Still, it is often easier in IT right now since it is a growing field.
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    Definitely depends on the company. My buddy has both arms fully tattooed and went form desktop support tech, to supervisor, to manager and now to IT Director. On the other hand I've talked to recruiting managers and HR goons who definitely do not like them. Hit or miss.
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    Thanks guys,

    I am thinking about getting half sleeves sometime as I have two that could easily be made into sleeves. I just hope it wont one day destroy my chances of getting an IT job. I am currently going to college to pursue a degree in the field and I do not have even an entry-level position yet. I would love to get an entry-level position now as I have comptias A+ and Network+ but I am just not sure how to go about sending my resumes out. There are hardly ever postings for entry level positions in my area. I do feel though that I might have somewhat of a chance since I have gotten two interviews so far one for a regular PC tech position and one for an internship but failed to get either opening.

    Thanks for the opinions guys
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    What do you mean prison tattoos? I think if you're working in a customer facing(face to face) environment, visible tattoos might matter but if we're talking about an IT job that requires a high level of skill then a couple of tattoos down your forearm shouldn't be too big of a deal. Just wear long sleeves if you're really worried. Now if you've got tats on your face then potential employers may question your criminal background but I could still see somebody giving you a chance if the manager was really cool like that. The developer at my previous job had a sleeve down his arm and I plan on getting plenty of tattoos through out my life. Just make sure you can cover them up if needed and you shouldn't have a problem.
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    My 2 cents, I work with guy who has many visible tatoos etc but he doesn't fit the sterotype at all. Very professional, articulate and knowledgeable. I wouldn't worry too much about it if you present yourself well.
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    I have visible tattoos on both of my arms and it's never been an issue. Most people seem genuinely interested. I'm sure it was a bigger issue in the past, but tattoos are pretty socially acceptable these days. Hands/neck/face tattoos probably aren't the best idea though. If you can't cover it in business attire then you might get some flack.

    I'm sure there are some places out there that wouldn't hire you but do you really want to work in a place like that anyway?
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    Good thread, always wanted to know how this affected getting jobs within the IT field....

    Anyway on my 2 cents on the subject; I don't see how visable tattoos would affect yourself getting a job in anyway shape or form. I could imagine you'd be wearing a business shirt and pants to work daily so I don't see how the tattoo's would even be visable (That is unless you have them over your face, which therefore might be a problem.) I don't think that anyone would like to get their face tattooed though...
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    I worked with a guy who had tats on his arms. The company just asked him to wear long sleeved shirts to cover them. Not that big of a deal except during summertime. He complained a lot during those months because it was uncomfortable. St. Louis summers can be pretty hot and muggy.
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    Cover those baddies up man. I do. But if you have face, neck, or hand tats. Well, you wanted them. Just own them and drive on. You'll land a job eventually. Face tats might be a show stopper though. IMHO...
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