Passed ROUTE today

okplayaokplaya Member Posts: 199

It is not as "black and white" as the CCNA but that is to be expected. I started studying after memorial day, which is about 5 months ago. Actual study time is probably half that. I pretty much started strong, then procrastinated over the summer, then picked it back up about 2 months ago.

What did I use?
- Chris Bryant Videos($180)
- CBT Nuggets (Free at work)
- CCNP Route Simplified ($10, kindle version)
- GNS3
- The Cisco Academy labs (Free from here)
- Boson Ex-Sim ($89)

So I spent $279 on study materials. Kind of steep, but not bad considering I get reimbursed for the exam. Everything above was essential for me except the CBT, though I did enjoy Jeremy's enthusiasm.

I've been a network engineer for over 2 years now so that helps immensely.

For those studying for this exam, make sure you know the objectives and you should be fine.


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