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my friend got asked to do something and said yes and has no idea how to do it, he is to set up a projector with a live video feed and project for all to see at a party, any ideas how this can be done
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    This is what I would do assuming it's an Internet stream through media player or whatever:

    Get a laptop and stream the feed into the laptop. Hook up the projector to the VGA/SVGA port on the laptop and then press the "Function key" on the laptop and the cooresponding 'F key' to switch the display to the projector.


    On my IBM laptop if I wanted to do this I would hook up the projector the VGA port and then press Function F7 to switch the signal.

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    yeah i know my friend is crazy :) , but i think what the person wants is to project whats happening at the party at the same party, to me thats kinda pointless but its money so who cares, any other way cuz i assume someone will be walking around with a camera

    oh it should be wireless
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    A video capture card or a PCI TV card should do it. If it is walk around then you/he have that wireless problem to solve. I have a goose neck camera in my lab that I stream video off into a cheap TV card and the TV card feeds my Video card. The monitor plug is hooked to a viewsonic projector and on the screen it goes. I use it to blow up parts for training classes, show streams of system assembly. We use a similar setup in forensic classes both human and computer. icon_lol.gif

    If you are still not sure what he is looking for then send him to

    or to here for freeware shareware software (well supported)

    (everything else)

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    thanx for all that info it helps alot ill let him know what i have, and that wireless part seems difficult to me, which video camera transmits wirelessly, anyways ill get back to u if i find a solution or have anymore questions, thanx again
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