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Okay, here's what happened.
Back in June, I upgraded my computer from XP to windows 7 after I found that I couldn't earn the MCDST Certification because it was retired. (I had no idea XP was being discontinued)
So then I was aiming to get the MCITP: Desktop Support Technician certification, along with 70-686.
Then I found out that the MCITP certification will be discontinued as of July 31st 2013, and I didn't think that I could learn everything in that time because I was new to Windows 7.
So then I waited for Windows 8 to be released and was going to earn MCSA: Windows 8 instead, and a day or two after I upgraded I went on the Microsoft Learning site an found out that the MCITP exams are now going to be discontinued on January 31st 2014.
Now I think I should try and get the 70-680, 70-685, and maybe 70-686 before I move on to the new MCSA certification, because I have to wait four months for the books to be released and I have more time.
I understand that not a lot of companies and users are going to upgrade to Windows 8 any time soon, so I think it's important to have some Windows 7 certificates along with the new certifications I plan to earn.
I'm definitely not going to downgrade my computer back to Windows 7, so please don't tell me that Windows 8 is a waste of time. (It's actually pretty cool)
Does this sound like a good plan? Does anyone think I'll be able to do it all in time?
I'm really stuck at the moment and would really, really appreciate your thoughts because I've been stressing out about this nonstop.

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    It will be years before Windows 8 becomes standard in companies, many companies use a mixture of Windows XP and Windows 7 devices. I think it is best you pursue the MCITP path for Windows 7 as there is bound to be some overlap with Windows 8. Windows 7 certifications will probably make you more employable also.
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    Go for your Windows 7 MCITP, and then check out the upgrade paths for Windows 8, some have 1 test upgrades to take your MCITP to Windows MCSA 8/2012. :D
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    That's what I thought too, thank you for the quick reply.
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    Okay then, I'm going to go with MCITP: Windows 7 before I move on to MCSA 8/2012 Thank you for helping out. :)
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    Take the advice of others & go after the MCITP (now called MSCA Windows 7) certification. Just a few thoughts on what exams you should take. You HAVE to take the 680 exam. It's a pretty tough exam but it's a good exam & has some real value. After that you have to take either 686 or 685.

    685 exam - This is an exam you'd take if you want to be a technical support/desktop guy on Windows 7.

    686 exam - This is an exam where the focus is on Enterprise Level deployment & management. Knowing this is going to open doors at a more senior level. This is a tough exam too. I personally thought it was tougher than 680.

    Now, if you take the 680 and 686, you can then take 2 more exams & be awarded your MCSE Desktop Certification. This is new and you'll find details at the I work in a very large enterprise and we do have an "Enterprise Desktop & Deployment" team. It's a step up from old fashioned desktop support. Knowing SCCM with the above would definitely open doors for you'd have much less of the day by day grind of tickets & angry clients. This position will also likely do better in the "cloud" than a generic desktop support dude.

    Good luck.
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    Thank you. I was originally going for the 680 and 685. I don't know how long it'll take me to do both, but if I have enough time I'll do the 686 exam as well. :)
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