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First off, I would like to apologize if this topic has been approached before. I'm a middle aged career changer. My background is in Aircraft Mechanics, where I mainly trouble shot electrical and mechanical systems for 12 years in the US Air Force. As far as actual IT experience, everything I've done has pretty much been at home on systems of mine or friends of mine. I enjoy taking things apart and reassembling them. I also enjoy discovering how things work ahead of time, so that I may be able to fix them when they go wrong. I have a good grasp of schematics and blueprints.

With that being said, I enrolled in the Network Expert Program at The Academy of Florida back in July. Upon completion in May of 2013, I will have walked out of there with multiple IT Certs: CompTIA A+ and Net+, CCNA, and multiple Microsoft Certs to include 70-680, 70-640, 70-642, 70-643, 70-647, 70-662, 70-667, and 70-630. I'm also about two semesters away from my AA in Computer Information Systems. I am also set to serve as an intern at the help desk at my school shortly. I am basically curious as to why type of expectations I should have as far as seeking employment. I'm relocating to either the Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina or the DMV area, mainly because they're closer to home and the IT market is highly saturated here in South Florida.

Thanks in advance for any advice that can be given.


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    Throw Security+ in there somewhere - with your military experience and, especially if you have some kind of secret clearance, you should be able to get a decent gig with a defense contractor in the DMV area.
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