confused....advice plz !

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hi guyz. need some advice ?????

i've got to ask this..although no doubt..most of u have been asked this question too many times by too many newbies.... (don't blame us ,we each think our situation is unique !)

i just got my CCNA very recently (a few dayz), first i was planning to go 4 CCSP but after reading some of the posts on these forums and searching about the certifications i have decided to go the CCNP route.

my reasons... im planning to go into the security side eventually, but i want the knowledge that goes with the CCNP, and since i have no experience working with Computer networks (still an undergrad !, but not 4 long). i thought the CCNP will get me more grounded on the technology and concepts.

so b4 i cast off for CCNP-land, just wanted some advice from the senior members..who have done this cert. how much do u think the CCNP will help me in my goal of pursuing .. specialization in Security ?, do u think i can do without it ?, employment is not my current focus but knowledge wise what cert is more suitable after the CCNA ?

sorry 4 long the post.....
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    if you dont have any experience in "real" network - then how would you determine your need in security knowledge? a lab maybe ok - but you need to keep pace with other peoples opinion about this and that - why this and that, how to do this and that - etc.. get a lot of discussion, maybe?

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    You did the right thing by thinking of going the CCNP route. Whether you want to specialize in security or anything else, CCNP will definitely help you, if not directly, definitely indirectly. I'm a CCSP myself but did not do CCNP, although I did not face much problems because I've had strong routing anyways, now I'm taking the BSCI exam. You might not have to take all the CCNP exams if you intend to specialize in security. Just the BSCI and BCMSN should do and according to me if you have cleared BSCI, BCMSN and CCSP you are almost 85% through with CCIE Security (Ofcourse it depends on how in-depth knowledge you have).

    If hope you will find it helpful.


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