CCNP after two and a half years!

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Guys, I passed my Tshoot today and as a result became a CCNP. I'll now be moving on to CCNA VOICE. Voice is where my heart is. I do asterisk installation for small businesses, so I'd like to pursue voice up to CCIE. The advice is to start from CCNA voice, which I'm going to do. I'll book it for a two months time and start practicing right away. I have access to any equipment I need without limit.
In my Lab
I have access to any cisco equipment I need


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    Congrats on your NP!! Good luck with your voice studies, that's awesome that you have access to any equipment you need.
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    2013 goals (old)
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    2013 goals (new job means new focus)
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    Congrats and good luck with VOICE!
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    congrats and good work
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    Congrats and best of luck on your next endeavours !
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    Congrats! :D
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    Congratulations on the took me around the same amount of time and its a great feeking when you get it.

    Good luck with the voice track
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    congrats mate. icon_thumright.gif
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    Contgrats and good luck on voice!
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    Congrats. Reminds me that I haven't passed an 'NP exam since ROUTE last May ... I don't want to necessarily follow the 2.5 year pattern :D
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    Congrats to you! icon_cheers.gif

    I always have to ask. What did you use to study?
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    Congrats! Good luck !
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    Congrats. Why didn't you go for NP VOICE or did you just started doing asterisk?
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