Thanks to all! I passed.

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I passed the Core today. Thanks to all for your info, every bit was useful. OS is next. icon_wink.gif


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    Congrats!!!! :D

    how did you find the exam? what guides did you use? how long did you study for?
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    Congrats man! I just passed the OS exam today, I will have to tell you that I found the OS Technologies exam to be WAY harder than the Core hardware... some tips to start off with:

    - With OS, make sure you know your boot files, and make sure you know in what order they execute in.

    - Make sure you know your troubleshooting techniques, especially when it comes to device failures, and dual booting!

    - Study the basic utilities in each Windows version, making sure to pay attention to each of the utilities function and where you can get to it!

    - The different file systems, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS4, NTFS5, and CDFS, know what these are, what their benefits are, and which OS uses which!

    These are some basic things to remember, just look at CompTIA's basic objectives for OS technologies, and answer to each of the following objectives. If you buy a good book (I got Mike Meyer's All-in-One A+ Certification 5th edition), and if you study, and take a few practice exams you'll do just fine. I mean, the exam isn't that hard, but it is challenging enough to the point where study is a priority.
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    ok. sorry for the long delay in reply. i busted @$$ to cram info in to take the OS "passed that too, yesterday ". I used Learnkey A+ with Mike Myers and the posters here. I love hardware so i found it easier. :D
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