Unable to create a template in SCVMM 2012

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Okay this thing is doing my head in. I have SCVMM 2012 running in a VM that runs 2012 for its OS, the SQL database is on another VM. No problems with anything else, so the connection with the database is just fine. Now the problem, I am trying to create a template to deploy future VM's from. If I select to:

1. Place the VM on a host - no problems at all. It creates the VM.

2. Store the VM in the library - it just bombs out right away.

The error is:

What I've tried:

- The WinRM service is running, checked.
- Retried. Restarted VM's, even restarted the host.
- Checked for permissions. I can browse the library within the console, earlier I couldnt and I discovered that if I grant Everyone Read share permission, I can browse the library. The local machine account already had access to the share (full control, R/W), so dunno what happened there. The account I logged on with also had full NTFS permissions to the library.

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    So it's not that WinRM isn't working, but that it couldn't do the job needed.

    I am assuming that VM1 is your SCVMM server, which you said is running on Server 2012. SCVMM 2012 will not run on Server 2012 properly, prior to SP1 (which was released GA about a week ago). If your SCVMM server is running Server 2012, you need to upgrade it to Service Pack 1.

    Do you have the VMM agent installed on VM1? Does it have the latest version? I would still recommend upgrading to SP1, or if it's a lab and not much has been done, rebuild the VM using SP1.
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    Agreed, VMM 2012 does not support Server 2012 hosts unless it has SP1.
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    Thank you for taking the time to reply folks. Sorry I should have mentioned that SP1 is installed and everything else works, it's just that I couldnt do the template.

    How do I upgrade the VMM agent, I'd have thought that a SCVMM 2012 SP1 machine would already have the up-to-date version of VMM agent? My SCVMM machine is the library server too.
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