Those that have passed/taken A+ 801/802, please critique my study regime.

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So I'm finally getting aggressive on my A+ quest and could really use some advice.

Let me preface that with the fact I've been a Desktop Tech for 6 years.

Here is my setup:

Read latest Exam Cram cover to cover (First few chapters are horrible so far, can't stand the author, not technical enough, hoping it gets better as I go along)
All Prof. Messer videos - Has had the single greatest impact in my understanding in Networking and other unfamiliar topics.
Comptia A+ Study guide - Systematically go through every topic listed and write the definitions down.

My issue is the practice tests I'm using... Are the exams really worded like this?:

Which of the following types of storage media can hold the most data?
Which is the limitation of terrestrial microwave broadband connections?
Which type of memory module has 240 pins?
What type of cable needs to be fire resistant?
Which of the following commands can obtain an IP address from a DHCP server?

I'm a little paranoid because the last exam I took, the study guide was nothing like the actual exam.

Did you take the 801/802 back to back? I know I should focus on one at time but the test center is kind of a haul for me (1.5hr round trip)

Anyway, if you could impart any knowledge on me I would appreciate it.


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    Mods feel free to delete. Seems like its just wasting space with no discussion.
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    Indirectly related but if you've been a desktop tech for 6 years then what reasoning is there to get the A+?

    I would forego the A+ and work on other entry level certs with higher ROI...your experience (on the surface) is akin to the the A+ many times over
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