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I apologize if this is posted in wrong place. I am new to the world of certs and was wondering is there a point to taking Comptia A+ if I am going to get Comptia Security?
Currently in my job im working with the government and a security clearance as sort of "help desk" but with Certs like Comptia Security and CCNA my salary would increase. I already know the job just do not have the certs. Basically I need to know if I am wasting time by doing Comptia A+ cert if I will get the Security cert. Or once I leave this contract job will I need it?


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    Don't bother getting the Security+ or CCNA unless you have more than a year left on the contract because those certs take a long time to study for. Of course, if you have prior knowledge then do it. I definitely recommend you get the A+ because it's very highly sought after and you will have an easier time getting a job with it than without.
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    I do have more than a year left. Right now I have a TON of free time to study and my job encourages it. I was thinking more along the lines of when I am done with this job.
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    In that case, you should have no problem getting your Security cert. Definitely get the A+ as well. It will help you in getting a job working on computers when your current job ends.
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