Should I switch from Cisco ICND1 to study for Network+?

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I know some of you will probably think I'm nuts but do you think there is an advantage of getting the Network+ certification first. The reason i'm asking is:
1) I have missed a few opportunities for NOC and Network Tech/administrator jobs and I have a good feeling if I had Network+. As a matter of fact I had to take a online test for one position recently and a lot of the questions look like they came from Network+ stuff. I have a telecom and tech support background and have been around the IT atmosphere since 1998 basically but I dont have a cert or degree at all, I'm surprised I lasted this long. I feel like it could be the perfect missing piece for me right now for some reason but thats just my opinion.

2)If I were to get Network+ I could probably prepare and take the single CCNA course afterwards, just a thought

I know I'm working on CCNA now but I think with all my real world experience the Network+ could get me back in the game and it has a lot of cross the board general concepts that are used in Help Desk, Network Tech/administrator and NOC positions from what I've seen. I've just been doing a lot of thinking on this. I already have the ICND 1 scheduled and all but this just was just on my mind and wanted advice. It just seems that its more cross the board and would allow me to have a variety of options as far as jobs based on my experience already in the field. Been laid off since Jan 2012 and trying to get back in the game again. Have good basic skills in a lot of areas from Telecommunications to tech support and monitoring web app performance.


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    You could probably pass the Network+ with your background in a week or two worth of studying with the right material. I used the Network+ exam cram and Professor Messers videos and passed without missing a single question. With your background the CCNA is the way to go for a network admin position. Good luck.
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    CCNA or bust IMO.

    Once you hit that certification those opportunities will open up. Network + is just a derailer IMO. Stay true to the course for the NA. Good things will happen.
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    N+ holds almost no weight for the cost of it. Also considering the fact that it expires now just makes matters worse. Get your CCNA and more opportunities will open than with just N+. I'm not sure what NOC's you were looking at, but when I do get called in to do a tech screen for our NOC positions I dont' even blink my eye at N+. However I'm not all guys/gals who hire people.
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    Well I was in a similar position, started studying for ICND1 and went to Network+. Really glad I did, it's not as easy as people make it out to be and it made my studying for CCNA much easier. It only took me a month to study and pass but there is a lot to learn. I used Todd Lammle's book, was all I needed. I would say go for it, CCNA feels way easier now, no harm in having 2 certs either!
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    I did similar to wallpaper. I say if you can afford the test go for it.
    it'll put less pressure on you with the CCNA/CCENT which was a big issue for me.
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    Allow me to share my experiences with you.

    I've been a Desktop Technician for the past 7yrs and handle mostly software/hardware issues with the occasional basic network troubleshooting.

    Having only a general understanding of networking, I wanted to change that and I was faced with a decision to go with Net+ or CCENT. Jumping right into a CCNA was not an option for me.

    To help me decided which route I should go, I used a culmination of researching each of their test objectives, what was expected to be learned from each exam and job requirements. Lastly, I went to my local bookstore and took an extended look at the CCENT and Net+ books.

    Long story short, I went with Net+. The approach from the Net+ is about mastering the fundamentals, establishing a real foundation with broad detailed knowledge, it was something I not only needed but many jobs cite that as a recommended cert. (Which is why I refute anyone who says its "worthless")

    CCENT went through the same material but didn’t offer as much background or detail that I felt I needed before moving on to any other networking cert.

    That being said, having Cisco on your resume certainly makes it pop more than CompTIA. You probably will get a similar education in the end, it will obviously be focused towards Cisco stuff but the industry is 90% Cisco anyway so its not like you're missing out on much.

    If this interests you, I'm about 1/3 though CompTIA Network+ N10-005 Authorized Cert Guide by Ken Wallace and I'm really enjoying the book. It's complex material but his approach is logical and the book flows really good so far. No corny cartoon references or nicknames for components like the CCENT book I was reading either, which was another reason I went Net+, I can't get past that kind of stuff.

    I do get reimbursed through my job for passing scores on certs but regardless, I still would have gone this route.

    Hope this helps.
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    I haven't gotten around to taking the CCNA yet but when/if I decide to it'll probably take a couple weeks review to pass it. I have the Net+ and it hasn't gotten me anything. I have gotten some gigs just from knowing how to work with Cisco gear and being able to answer the interviewers questions. I was initially going to go the 2 test CCNA route but after seeing sample questions and stuff the 1 test CCNA route is better and you can skim through the ICND1 theory material pretty quickly. If you can afford it and are fairly confident it'll help you then do the Net+. I never would have done the Net+ if not required by WGU.
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