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hi, i was wondering if someone might be able to explain the difference between restricted static mac table entries and permanent ones.


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    Permanent entries into the switch's mac address table are like saying "this mac address" is permanently on this port and will never change or time out".

    Restricted static are like saying "This mac address exists on this port, and I want only mac addresses from a particular switch port to be able to access this mac address.

    Let's say you have a server on switch ethernet port 0/4, and you want only mac addresses from switch ethernet port 0/1 to be able to access it. Maybe it's a payroll server and your payroll staff or the people you want to be able to access it are on ethernet 0/1.

    It would look like this:

    switch(config)#mac-address-table restricted static 0200.1111.1111 e0/4 e0/1

    Let's take a look
    0200.1111.1111 --- This is the payroll server's mac address
    e0/4 -- ethernet port the server is on
    e0/1 -- ethernet port the payroll department is on that should have access.
    Todd Baugh
    Aspiring Network Tech
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