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Hi to all...

Well am enrolled in this course..itz like a 4 mths course...and am actually getting to work on actual routes/switches etc etc...and i keep practicing the boson stimulators n practice tests..etc that more than enuff...coz alot of people...say that..the exam and the questions are no where the practice..i dunno how true is that?....and the fact that alot of people have failed and aint 100% sure they gonna pass...making me feel weird too...although i feel i know quite a bit ..well enuff to answer the questions...n e tips though..from those who have already passed?

thanx for ur time...


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    hey chalaak, I know that having actual hands on experience with routers and switches is invaluable. I had alot of hands on stuff in class, and it really helped me with the router sims. keep taking practice questions. The more the better. I used todd lammle's book, and found it really useful. plus his practice question's are extremely helpful because I saw alot of them on the exam. I used boson question's too. they were o.k. I also used the technotes on this forum. what I did was I made a little cram sheet before the exam, it really helps. before you take the exam, they will give you a white board to write notes on, use that to write yourself notes. Like for example write down the subnet chart. that will really help with the subnetting questions. keep studying and taking practice questions. and most important don't give up! persistence and perserverence go along way! I hope this helps. good luck!
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