Completed CCDP / passed 642-874 today

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So I completed the CCDP today passing the 642-874.

Been working in solution high and low level design for 5 years across LAN/WAN/DC/Security/Wireless with a strong hands on background in all of these areas. 3 years in addition to the design experience.

I passed the CCNA in 2007, CCDA in 2008 and I guess I've been working towards CCDP since then passing the CCNP and multiple specialist exams on the way mainly Data Centre.

The ciscopress book is great and all you need in my opinion but also requires experience in design. I think the ciscopress book gives you a great understanding but how Cisco write exam questions just baffles me.

The questions seemed to be more about confusing wording than validating technical design knowledge in my opinion.

All in all delighted to have passed and completed the NP/DP track after 5 years.

Scored 860 on the ARCH exam and prob take a while off until I decide what to do next. Working at an ISP designing bespoke customer core MPLS networks at the moment so it will be CCIE R&S or the SP track.

I don't have ready access to an iOS XR lab so prob CCIE but few weeks rest first!


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    Congrats! icon_cheers.gif
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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on your pass!!
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    Congrats!! Good luck with your future studies!!
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