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Hello everyone, I'm new.

For the past 8 weeks I have been studying like hell for the CCNA exam. I'm scheduled to take it on Aug 26. I would like to know if the CCNA exam format is like the CCNA practice exam that they give at the academy? Is it as difficult?

I seem to do well on everything, but that CCNA practice from the academy was still pretty damn hard.

I have been working with the transcender for exam 640-507, the CCNA practice exams from selftestsoftware.com, the tech notes and practice exams on this site, gone through several study guides and simulations, and went through the network academy. For the past three weeks I've been consistently scoring in the mid to high 90s on the practice exams. I'm also getting extreme test anxiety and I'm losing sleep. Do you all think that I'm going overboard with this?

Your response is appreciated.
El G Man


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    U r doing good job.

    Practise exams r bit tough and if u pass in practise exams u will easily get >950/1000 in the CCNA exam.

    I used to get 80-85% in the practise exams.But in my real CCNA exam i scored 910/1000 in my first attempt.I didn't take any course and i don't have any hands on experience.I am fresh graduate and i am clearing these certification exams to get some job.

    Only thing is we have to have confidence in ourselfs and believe that what ever we read is sufficient.

    practise lot of subnetting questions and do exams in sybex publication book before going to exam.If u r not confident postpone ur exam.U should have lot of confidence before appearing for exam.Don't feel tensed.U will have enough time for answering all questions.

    good luck
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    not necessarily cos i took CNAP and dun all end of chapter tests etc and scored 90 to 95 in them all but found that i had to learn so much more to take CCNA and i failed first time with 784 but now ive filled in gaps in my knowledge im ready to go again
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