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Which of the following statements describes a VLAN?

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Now can someone answer this question for me?? I selected all the answers but it was only A,B,C that was correct. I was pretty sure VLAN members couldn't be a member of another VLAN. Can somone enlighten me on this??


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    Actually only A,B,C are correct.Truely speaking VLAN is dry topic.We have to read twoce or thrice to get the concept.

    The members in one Vlan cannot be a member of another VLAN.The concept of VLANS r to have multiple broadcasts at layer-2 level.Here we actually provide security in doing this.If member of one VLAn is member of other VLAN then there is no way of security.

    We can have members of VLAN on any switch port by assigning membership statically or dynamically.
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    That's exactly what I meant.. VLAN members cannot be a member of a nother VLAN. The question was what describes a VLAN? So why wouldn't this be on of the options??[/quote]
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