DNS Zone Replication ?

Not quite getting this topic, if anyone has a good way to explain I would appreciate it:

In the zone properties tab for a DNS zone, under the general tab within the "Change Zone Replication Scope" window, I don't really understand what the last replication option is or why someone would use it? It is "To all domain controllers specified in the scope of the following application directory partition" and then you browse to the application directory partition name.

Anyone have a good explanation of this or point me to a webpage?

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    I'm not sure this is a really good explination, but I'll give it a shot. The option to replicate to a custom application directory partition is used to be able to pick out individual DCs from an AD environment to replicate the DNS information. Whenever you enable a active directory integrated zone all the DNS data is then stored in predefined application directory partitions so that it may be replicated among DCs. If you don't want that information to replicate to all DCs in the domain or all DCs in you domain/forest that have DNS installed you can setup these custom application directories, then the DNS information will only be replicated to DCs that enlist that custom application directory.
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    I'm pretty sure I got a question refering to this topic. You probably won't need to know how to create and enlist these directories, but at least know what they are for.
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    Got it, thanks for the explanation, that is what i was sort of getting after i read over it like five times and printed stuff off the internet.

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