Took the test today....

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Sat the Security+ today and passed with 860. I had 4 simulations and 3 videos to watch. The simulations were simple enough to get through as long as you know the material. They consisted of reviewing logs to see which device failed in what order, identifying different types of social engineering, matching ports and protocols, identifying what types of security go to different types of devices e.g. mobile. Straight to the point drag/drop and point/click. I'll admit when I first heard simulations I pictured the worst kind (I sat through these years ago back home) these are to the point and right on topic with what's covered in Mr Gibson's book and easy to understand and follow. The videos I watched were an animation once viewed your taken back to where you can put a check next to what's happened or happening. Just watch, think and answer. All in all I enjoyed the test! My reading/training for the exam were Get Certified Get Ahead (read it twice!), Professor Messer Videos and of course Mike Myers Security+ Passport.. Mike Myers helped due to the small book size, hard copy and digital copy plus practice tests on the CD. It really assisted in honing in on weak areas.

Next to plan out how to keep my CEU's up lol!


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    Nice score.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif

    What's next on your cert journey?
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    Congrats on your pass!!
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    Congrats!! What's next?

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    Congratulations on the pass - 860 is a great score.

    I wish you the best of luck in your next adventure.
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    Thanks everyone, I'm glad I passed. I'm not sure if I'll go back into IT (i would like to) or even what my next certification might be. I do however like having something current to fall back on should they do yet more last offs here at work. Although the IT market here seems fairly flat. Employers tend to want a lot and offer little in terms of pay and benefits. Think if I want back into IT it'll be out of Florida.
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