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Hey pals!
I am taking 640-607 for the first time, and the pressure seems to be high. I have completed a course in ICND(Inter-connecting Cisco Network Devices), but i am in a confused state of mind...WHERE DO I BEGIN FROM??? The instructor seemed to be in a hurry..and left the stuff for home-work. The OSI is well understood....and the lab simulators does'nt seem to help much...or make you feel real. Please Advise.



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    Be afraid, very affraid.

    Just joking, Make sure you feel really ready and can do everything listed in the test objectives before taking the test. I took this one before and missed the mark and got an 809, 849 is passing and a score range from 300-900. The passing score is very high, about an 82% I think. Can't review the questions for later which is a hassle if you're not sure about one. You should see two simulator questions with confusing questions that might throw you off guard. First one I got it took me a few minutes to figure out what they were asking me to do. The problem I had was that i was too slow subnetting to finish in time. Make sure you can subnet very fast or have all subnets memorized. If you spend about 10 minutes on each simulator that only gives about a minute maybe two to each other questions which for me wasn't enough time to do math out on paper. One thing that caught me off guard was the form of subnetting questions which I didn't expect. It would give me a subnet mask without any address with it then list maybe 5 IP address of different classes and you have to pick off which IP addresses are valid for the subnet for need to figure out which addresses are network ID's and which are broadcast addresses and these will not be hosts. This isn't hard at all to do if you have time to calculate each one out but if you have only 2 or 3 minutes it can be very hard to move that fast.

    Don't want to be negative about the 607 and a lot of people have no problem with it but I did. I used a book and some free simulators and study materials on my own. I had some technical problems with my testing station too which used up some of my time.

    My advice be sure you know everything very well, get a good workstation to take it from, and you should be ok. There are quite a few OSI questions that are simple and quick which help out a lot. I'm going to become CCNA at some point but with a different way, there are now three paths to CCNA, well only 2 once 607 is retired this year.

    Take practice exams and don't take the real thing until you can pass the practice ones with a good score problem is that practice tests are hard to find for free.

    Nothing worth it is ever easy, so CCNA must be really worth it and Best of luck to you.
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    Thanx...i really needed that dose :D . Will try towards overcoming these factors, and definately your experience will be of great help. Keep tunin'

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