Privacy Cert? IAPP - CIPP, CIPM

For us folk working in and around the public sector, NIST recently beefed up privacy control guidance in SP 800-53 Revision 4 (security controls for information systems). In addition to that, privacy itself (or lack thereof) is an increasingly hot topic of importance given recent current events.

A couple of my colleagues have the CIPP and now they have the CIPM (for managers). Anyone have or heard of these certifications? Any feedback?


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    The IAPP is a fairly well-known organization in the risk and privacy domain. A lot of the security and legal professionals that I encounter carry the CIPP designation.

    It is probably more common in financial services and health care where GLBA, HIPAA, and HITECH
    regulations mandate privacy oversight. Where I work, all the attorneys in the privacy office have their CIPP.

    The CIPM is actually very new. It's my understanding that the CIPM passing scores will not be released until July because it's too new and a passing score has not be determined.

    You can read more about my own experience on the CIPP foundation exam here:
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