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So I was curious on how much power my hardware is using so I ran these through a watt meter and here are the results:

3640 50watt
3725 38watt
2620 13watt
2620xm 13watt
2621 12.8watt
2950 16watt
3550 not poe 42watt

Then I decided to check the pc and monitor as well, just for grins -

old viewsonic 20" lcd = 38 watt
p4 i3 2100 with 16gb of ddr and 2 sata drives (not ssd) 50-68 watts depending on what it's doing
sleep mode = 2 watts

And to compare the with some other common devices -
40" samsung lcd tv 64watts
dvd player idle 1.3watts to 7 watts running
wd media player 4.3 watts running
Now, gotta love electric tea-pot and hair dryer at 1400watts!
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    Thanks for the info - is that everything in your lab?
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    Amazing that the 2600 series routers run at those wattage levels. 802.11af PoE could power those.
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    Just wanted to share this with others on the forum, questions about power come up from time to time. Now I don't feel too bad about leaving a couple devices on 24/7 :)
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    That's fantastic info to have, thanks Jean! Now you make me wish that I had a watt meter so I could test my own stuff!
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    Interesting.. Thank you for the information.
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    That's fantastic info to have, thanks Jean! Now you make me wish that I had a watt meter so I could test my own stuff!

    A very useful cheap one in the USA is available for $20 from Newegg, I think Amazon carries it also
    P3 Kill A Watt Electricity Load Meter and Monitor - Newegg.com
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    The P3 is the one that I use frequently. It is a very good unit, even at such a cheap price it has held up for years.
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  • JeanMJeanM Member Posts: 1,117
    That's what I used :)
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    Interesting. I wonder how much they pull when they first startup. My 2821 is pretty loud when it first starts, but quiets down once its loaded and running. I was worried that I might have to run another circuit from the breaker box if I wanted to run all my equipment at once (10 Routers, 4 Switches, 1 PC, 1 Wireless AP).
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